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Practical guidance for brave work, deep impact, and lasting results

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Navigate your strategic challenges with creativity and resilience that lead to real results

We’ve packed over a decade of our hands-on experience into this course, merging depth and pragmatism, distilled and contextualized for small businesses and solopreneurs like you.

This course is made specifically for folks who are making a positive impact and change in the lives of those they serve.

The Lessons

1. Crafting Your Mini-Creative Brief: Know your business, know your audience.

A creative brief is the most powerful distillation, crystal clear, specific, and unique understanding of your business, your offerings, and who you serve. Everything you do in your business is informed by this foundation.

In this lesson you’ll unpack and refine:

  • Articulate your embodied mission and vision statements to strategically guide your business decisions
  • Optimize your efforts to get results: Focus and define your top 3 short-term business goals
  • Maximize how you serve your customers: Clarify the top 1-3 problems your business solves for your audience (which makes your offerings more valuable and your messaging more on point)
  • Craft engaging messaging to capture your audience’s attention and inspire action: Defining your top 3-5 Key Messages you want your audience to know and what they most need to hear
  • Know your target audience specifically and deeply: create your customer avatars so you can create offerings and messaging that immediately resonate with your your audience.

2. Create Offerings that Sell: The Offering Creation Matrix

To boil this lesson down to one point: you need to create offerings that your audience needs, and in a form that makes it easy for them to make the decision to purchase. You need offerings to sell. This lesson helps you do that!

At the heart of your business model is how of your offerings fit together as an integrated whole, becoming the marketing and sales engine for your business.

To help you create and experiment with the form of your offerings, you’ll be guided through our Offering Matrix which covers specific examples of creative variables to craft offerings that are perfect for your audience:

  • Type of Offerings
  • Payment Options
  • Time Availability of Offering
  • Mechanism for Delivery
  • Modes of Interacting with the Offering
  • Marketing Goal of the Offering

3. Craft Engaging Messaging: Make writing for your website and business easier and more effective

No matter what you do, online or in the world, you are always communicating with words. Your words need to embody the essence and uniqueness of what you have to offer and how you can uniquely help your audience.

In this lesson we’ll cover writing strategies and practical approaches to crafting messaging that engages and keeps your audience around, including a step-by-step creative process for writing your website pages!

4. Build a Passionate, Responsive Audience

Your goal more than anything is to engage very specific people who have unique problems whom you and your business understand better than anyone else, and that you and your offerings are uniquely suited to solve better than anyone else.

In this lesson will discuss how you can reach your audience with authenticity.

5. Core Embodiment Practice: Anchoring your business in the wisdom and home of your body.

Approaching our success through embodiment means orienting ourselves to understand our business and experience beyond merely our thinking mind and reactivity, and instead anchoring ourselves into the innate wisdom inhabiting our bodies and the full spectrum of our experience with presence

In this lesson you’ll learn a simple, yet powerful meditation practice that will help you cultivate presence, mindfulness, and awareness of your whole experience, rooted in your body.

6. The Heart to Serve: Awaken your unshakeable inspiration to fuel your business

In this lesson you'll practice an embodied journaling exercise to touch into and articulate what matters to you most in the work you do and in serving your audience. This inspiration is at the heart of all of your decisions and strategy for success.

Your Coach

Ryan Oelke
Ryan Oelke

I am the founder and CEO of PowerUp Productions, a mindfulness based creative agency. For the last decade we have served hundreds of meaning-driven clients who are making the world a better place. Our clients include spiritual teachers, creatives, healers, consultants, coaches, yoga teachers, wellness practitioners, just to name a few.

I am a business coach, entrepreneur, and meditation teacher. I have an MSEd in counseling psychology and I’m a certified teacher in Judith Blackstone’s Realization Process, a direct path to embodied nondual awakening.

I have 18+ years experience in meditation practice and study, particularly in Tibetan Buddhism. I’m a co-founder of Buddhist Geeks and teacher at Awakening in Life and Heart of Insight.

I live in Asheville, NC and work with clients all over the United States and the world.

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